Newsletter July 2015



MOOG Cleaning Systems’ claim is to create sustainable and measurable added value for our customers – because we measure ourselves against technological progress. We only live up to this claim if we improve the efficiency and profitability of the cleaning process. On the surface, this efficiency is reflected in the price of the product: Throughout the long service life of our products (often 10, 15 years and more), the durability, reliability and serviceability of our tank and barrel cleaners, high pressure equipment and washing systems and their economical use of water and energy are significantly important for long-term economic viability.

Stefan Exner, Managing Director

A look back at Sitevinitech China

The annual SITEVINITECH was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, China from the 10th to the 12th of June 2015. Many wine producers from all over China attended the exhibition for viniculture and wine storage technology at the new Chinese wine capital.

MOOG Cleaning Systems exhibited together with the dealer ADC International and the companies Scharfenberger, Costral and Saury.

Our Sales Manager, Benjamin Brügger travelled to China to support the wine dealers at the exhibition. He enthusiastically reported on the event:
The region around Yinchuan is experiencing an undisputable boom in viticulture, which is comparable with the gold rush in the Yukon. Over the next few years, several new wineries will appear, which will invest in new and high-quality technology. That is why we have decided to step up our cooperation with our partner, ADC International. Through our strengthened market presence, we expect to see some major sales of our equipment in the future for the wine industry in China.”

MOOG Cleaning Systems would like to thank Jijun XI, owner of ADC International, and his team for their great cooperation and organisation efforts.

“We took this opportunity to introduce our new design of the BRA line and of course to show off all the new details in a live demo. The enthusiasm among the SITEVINITECH crowd was electric; MOOG always had 10-15 visitors around the new barrel cleaners at any given time.

Site Vinitech China

BRA Winner

In our prize draw at the Vinitech in Bordeaux, the winery Domaine la Gemière from France won the BRA Standard, the latest generation of barrel cleaners.


“We never expected to win such a great piece of equipment just by visiting the Vinitech. We really value how it make our work so much easier and our barrels perfectly clean.” Sébastien Millet.