BLS cleans waste bins more efficiently and ergonomically

BLS cleans waste bins more efficiently and ergonomically

BLS cleans waste bins more efficiently and ergonomically

Cleaning the waste bins of passenger trains is no easy task: There are tight deadlines for removing ground-in dirt and cleaning sometimes impractically designed waste bins.


With 3’000 employees, BLS AG is the most successful independent private railway in Switzerland. It currently transports around 60 million passengers every year.


BLS demands a high level of cleanliness when it comes to their trains. The waste bins are also removed and cleaned as part of the regular sessions at the cleaning plant in Bern.
Previously all the waste bins were cleaned by hand on account of the minimal cross-section of the openings, the partially hardened waste that was caked on the surfaces, and the restricted amount of space available.


Following the specifications laid out by BLS, MOOG Cleaning Systems has developed an extremely compact container cleaning system.
The containers are placed on the conveyor belt and automatically cleaned without the use of brushes, using the swivel nozzle ERS-40 (for safety reasons this is only used in closed systems). This process does not require any hot water or chemicals thanks to the highly efficient cleaning action of the high-pressure jet on hardened waste and stubborn stains. Containers of different sizes can be automatically cleaned using this system. The system can be used for cleaning up to 15 waste containers per minute.

Peter Tschanz, Leiter Fahrzeugservices der BLS

«In addition to the improved efficiency, this system offers drastic improvements regarding the ergonomics of the containers as well as fulfilling the latest safety requirements. Our employees find it easy to use and it does away with all the previously laborious and dirty work.»
Peter Tschanz, Head of Vehicle Services BLS