The beginning of an eventfull New Year!


In 2016 we have paired for a successful future in the New Year and beyond. Progress was made by hiring new talents to join our team, thereby expanding our development, sales, marketing and product management teams. We also redefined our company structure by demerging our business operations into the MOOG Clean-ing Systems AG and we have developed new products of which some will be launched in the coming weeks.
Incoming orders grew by 11% in the past year resulting in revenue growth of 4%. In Switzerland, this growth is especially attributable to increased business in plant engineering, the chemical industry, food and beverage production, the public sector and winemaking. We achieved substantial growth abroad, especially in France, Italy and Australia.
Alongside the tradition MOOG products, the low-pressure products experienced an exceedingly successful year in 2016. Since acquiring the business in 2013, we’ve considerably grown revenue for this sector.


Benjamin Bruegger assumed the role of International Sales Director on October 1st 2016 – and with it, responsi-bility for almost half of our total revenue. We were happy to welcome a new colleague in mid-December, Je-rome Liboz, who will be based in France and represent our business presence both there and in Belgium. He is the first of our colleagues in the company’s history to be stationed outside of Switzerland.
On January 16th, Hanspeter Buehler adopted the role of sales representative for central and eastern Switzerland to further expand MOOG’s presence in these regions. He has gathered many years of sales and marketing experience for systems and devices in both plant engineering and the chemical industry.
Also fortifying our MOOG team are Herbert Jakob, an expert in automation engineering and controls, and Sandro Bressan, as service technician.

MOOG Mitarbeiter

Looking Back: Vinitech-Sifel 2016

Vinitech took place in Bordeaux from November 29th to December 1st 2016. With over 45,000 guests and 750 exhibitors, Vinitech remains the largest wine-industry trade show worldwide. MOOG had its own exhibition stand at the show. The product garnering the most attention from attendees of all continents was the FR Duplex bar-rel cleaning system with its new digital controls and integrated touch screen.

SIFEL 2016

New Products

Mixer Washer

Since mid-2016, we’ve been offering the MW-45-0180 2016 as a specialty tank cleaner for stationary concrete mixers. The spray nozzle forms a 45° angle creating 270° of spray coverage/ a 270° spray pat-tern. Furthermore, the nozzle is covered with a special sealant designed to block out damaging cement particles. Depending on its size, two to four cleaning nozzles can be affixed to the top of the mixer, al-lowing for fully automatic cleaning.

Tank Truck Cleaner 

Fall 2016 marked the release of our HR-55-TW – a variation on the HR-55 tank cleaner – for use in cleaning tank trucks. A robust cage protects the spray nozzle from damage when lowered and raised through small tank openings but does not compromise the effectiveness of the spray pattern.

High Pressure cleaners

Our line of mobile, hot-water and high-pressure devices has seen substantial updates for 2017. The devices have been separated into different product lines: Top Line, Performance Line, Business Line and Economy Line. Their names have been redefined to better match their technical makeup. For ex-ample, the device ‘P-HWD 1000-200’ is classified under the Performance Line (P) as a hot-water device with diesel heating (HWD), a maximum flow rate of 1000 l/h and working pressure of up to 200 bar. This new naming technique allows users to immediately recognize the device’s most important technical fea-tures. The new devices are priced between 1,950 CHF and 4,950 CHF and offer substantial improve-ments in functionality, ergonomics and design. The previous products ‘Hot Line’ and ‘Revo’ continue to be available under their new item designations – E-HWD 450-140 and T-HWE xxx-yyy respectively.


New Regulations

According to EU policies, as of January 1st 2017, all electric motors must possess a higher degree of efficien-cy and must at a minimum satisfy the Energy Efficiency Class 3 requirements. This policy also applies to Swit-zerland. We were able to make timely adjustments to our products according to the regulations and without adding price changes for the customer.