New high pressure spray head with hygienic design

MOOG Cleaning Systems has developed a new high pressure spray head for hygiene critical applications in the food industry.

Reinigungskopf RH

The new model RH spray head has been developed according to the design rules of EHEDG (Europe Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). It is compliant with the requirements regarding surface finish and geometry. The intrusion of bacteria into hollow spaces and grooves as well as direct contact of product to o-rings has been excluded by constructural design. All screw connections at the outer case of the spray head have been eliminated.

The new RH spray head models provide a defined, orbital beam guidance with a 360° spray pattern. They have been designed for a working pressure of up to 250 bar, a flow rate of maximum 50 liters per minute and a working temperature towards 150° Celsius. The models are available with electric and water hydraulic drives and with standard shaft lengths between 170 and 2000 mm to fit to a broad range of spe-cifications. The spray heads may be fixed mounted inside the tank (CIP), optionally introduced automatically via process control into the tank or fixed manually at the tank for the cleaning cycle.


The new models are especially suitable for cleaning the interior of tanks, in which products with higher viscosity like i.e. chocolate, dough or oleaginous liquids are made. High pressure water provides thorough and rapid cleaning without prior heating of water, supplement of detergents and soaking peri-od due to its high impact at the tank wall and stirring unit. The new spray heads from MOOG Cleaning Systems provide explicit advantages regarding process time as well as water, energy and detergent consumption compared to traditional cleaning techniques.

All devices are Swiss Made and excel through high precision, excellent reliabilty and exceptional longevity combined with very small dimensions.

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