Innovation in Swimming Pool Cleaning

Innovation in Swimming Pool Cleaning

Innovation in Swimming Pool Cleaning

Combining the advantages of stationary high-pressure systems with the portability of mobile high-pressure equipment is particularly important for swimming pools with extensive surface areas. Higher investment costs are amortised in a very brief time through savings.

Weyermannshaus Open-Air and Indoor Swimming Pool in Bern

The Weyermannshaus Indoor Swimming Pool was constructed in 1971 and completely renovated in 2010- 2011. Besides the swimming pool, the facilities include a summer pool with several swimming and bathing areas. The main pool has an area of 16,000 m².


The regular cleaning of swimming pools is one of the core tasks of the pool team for hygienic reasons. With various swimming and bathing areas as well as because of the overall area, this is a major challen-ge at Weyermannshaus. For cost reasons, the cleaning preparations and times should be short and water consumption should be as low as possible.


Stationary, high-pressure equipment from MOOG Cleaning Systems was installed for the cleaning of the swimming pool permitting the use of less water and completing that task in less time. The cleaning products needed for disinfection can be added automatically through the integrated dosage system.

In order to avoid rolling out longer hoses or moving mobile high-pressure equipment to the site in order to reduce the danger of injuring guests, high-pressure hose-connection hydrants were permanently installed in the pool. In order to eliminate any danger, these are installed in locked INOX boxes in the visitor areas.


Hanspeter Heiniger, Anlagechef Frei - und Hallenbad Weyermannshaus«Our new cleaning system saves time and money directly. The design and installation of the system
was easy and problem-free thanks to the expert advice from the MOOG employees.»
Hanspeter Heiniger, Facilities Head at the Weyermannshaus open-air and indoor swimming pool