Saving time when cleaning barrels

Saving time when cleaning barrels

Saving time when cleaning barrels

Getting the barrels clean on time for the next filling is a challenge for every vineyard. A great deal of time can be saved and the handling can be simplified with the right barrel cleaner.

Markus Schneider GbR

Markus Schneider and his team have made a name for themselves in recent years with creations such as the «Holy Moly» or the «Tohuwabohu ». The vineyard in the Rhineland Palatinate is among the most innovative in Germany. And their annual production is about 800’000 bottles each year.


The 1’800 barriques on racks need to be cleaned within a useful period of time and then prepared for the next filling. For a conventional cleaning by hand, the barrels have to be lifted off the racks, which is very time-consuming and very demanding physically.


The BRM barrel cleaner makes it possible to clean the barrels quickly and efficiently without having to lift them from the rack. High-pressure cleaning and the rotation of the power-spray head are done using a standard pressure washer. The BRM barrel cleaner itself is operated completely without power. Jets with fanjet spray clean gently and still are very effective in the interior of the barrel. The wastewater is drained through the bunghole.

Dominik Missikiewitsch, Markus Schneider GbR«By converting to the BRM barrel cleaner, we have increased the speed of the work for the barrel cleaner by almost 10 times. In addition, the quality of the cleaning is much improved. Previously, all of the barrels had to be lifted from the rack at great expense and then cleaned by hand. This was an enormous physical challenge for the person doing the cleaning when there were a large number of barrels requiring this work. This is now a thing of the past.»

Dominik Missikiewitsch, Markus Schneider GbR