MOOG Golden Vintage

Automatic interior cleaning of wine tanks with water under high pressure is fast, requires only little water and no chemical additives.
This reduces water and waste water costs by more than 70% and saves 2/3 of the cleaning time – the costs for chemical additives are completely eliminated.

There are obviously good reasons to use MOOG tank cleaner. Now, after a very good vintage 2018, there is an additional reason:

MOOG Golden Vintage

Cet ensemble comprend:

  • MOOG tank cleaner with water hydraulic drive (HR55.STD)
  • 1500mm shaft (VSLH.1500)
  • Sprayhead protection against damage (008.1540.0)
  • Universal fastening clamp for attachment to manhole (126.1570.0)
  • Packaging and insurance

Das Gesamtpaket MOOG Golden Vintage

All together at an attractive special price and limited to 50 units.

*The total package MOOG Golden Vintage costs 3‘390.- Euro minus dealer discount plus shipping costs. This means a saving of more than 400 € compared to normal list prices.


Automatic interior cleaning of wine tanks