Cleaning of casks automatically and without chemicals

Foudre-Reinigung ohne Chemikalien

MOOG offers devices for automated interior cleaning of wooden wine tanks beteeen 15 and 100 hectoliters without chemicals.

Depending on availability the cleaning device can be inserted into the cask through

  • the upper bung hole
  •  trap door at the side
  • a door at the bottom

This will safe signifant time and labor and avoid occasional damage of the wooden surface, which may happen when a high pressure lance is handled manually.


The MOOG HR55 with waterhydraulic drive and a shaft of 140mm supported by a professional pressure washer with a flow rate of 1000 to 1200 litres per hour at 180 bar is perfect to clean casks up to a maximum diameter of 2300mm. The device is suspended by means of the high pressure hose through the upper bung hole until the spray head is positioned at the mid point of the cask’s height.

The required cycle time is depending on the cask size and the degree of deposits. By experience around 30 minutes with hot water and another 10 minutes with cold water are sufficient for excellent cleaning results.

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