MOOG Cleaning Systems AG has been producing specialized systems and equipment for wine barrel cleaning since 1996.

More than 5000 barrel cleaners delivered worldwide over the past 15 years.

We present The new generation of barrel cleaning systems!

Innovative and unique structure.

Bung hole up
  • For a significant increase in efficiency
  • Very low loading position
  • Dirt water is completely sucked upwards
Uniform mechanical design
  • Assisted insertion, automatic removal of the cleaning head
  • Fits for barrels from 225 to 600 litres
  • Very compact, foldable for storage
  • Same mechanical components on all models
Flexible system concept
  • Suitable for manual and automated operations
  • Additional functions available
  • Easy increase in production capacity through duplication

PRIMIQUE Product Line

Five models for different functional and economic requirements

Primique - Barrel cleaning System

Product design adapted to market needs

  • First cleaning heads / system developed in 1996 according to customer requirements

Quality of the product

  • Sofisticated design, high grade materials and excellent precision
  • Low total cost of ownership

Superior cleaning heads

  • Easy barrel insertion: very small size, rounded contours
  • Gentle cleaning: 2 flat jet nozzles with 5° angle, wood preservation
  • High efficiency: defined 360° guidance for high-pressure jetsn

Swiss manufacturing

  • Product development and manufacturing in Switzerland

Excellent customer satisfaction

  • Unbeatable cleaning results
  • High reliability and long service life

Higher throughput

  • 3 to 5 times faster loading / unloading of barrels

Reduced effort

  • 90% lower lifting height, 65% to 80% shorter loading/unloading time

Excellent flexibility

  • Different levels of automation
  • Easy adjustment of barrel size (225 – 600 litres)

Small and compact size

  • 24% less floor space during operation and 24% less space during storage
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