Automatic retractable units

MOOG’s high pressure cleaning heads can be permanently installed inside the tank (CIP) or manually mounted to the container for cleaning procedures only. Whichever method is required, a broad selection of accessories is available.
Another alternative is a fully automated retractable cleaning head. Cleaning can either take place at fixed, designated stopping-points or while lowering the cleaning head into the tank.

Handling oft he complete cleaning process including

  • Retraction of cleaning head into / out of the tank
  • Cleaning head’s rotation
  • Start / stop of high-pressure supply

May either be managed programm-controlled through an integrated control system or initiated and monitored via a high level process-control system.

At MOOG, automatic retractable units are customized on the basis of standard components for each customer’s individual needs. This fl exibility allows to refl ect various constructural constraints and realize a retraction distance of up to 4-meters. All mechanical components are made from stainless steel. The retractable units usually work with electric drives. For use in explosive environments, however, units with compressed-air drives are available as well.