BRA Flex

Handheld unit, which cleans the inside of the barrel and siphons off the dirty water at the same time. The built-in high-pressure injector system creates a very strong vacuum, which sucks the barrel empty during and after the cleaning process. No need to turn and drain the barrel.

For barrels 225 - 228 [L]
Drives Drive 110 / 240 V
Flow rate recommended 13 - 20 [l/min]
Working pressure recommended 80÷120 [bar]
Working temperature max. 90 [°C]
Rotation speed [t/min]
Minimum size of bunghole
Water connection M22x1,5
Flat spray nozzles
Weight 7 [kg]


  • Flexible suction tube for stacked barrels
  • Integrated suction system for dirty water
  • For 225/228-litre barrels
  • Effective 360° interior cleaning

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