PRIMIQUE – The new generation of barrel cleaning systems

Innovative and unique structure

Bung hole up

  • For a significant increase in efficiency
  • Very low loading position
  • Dirt water is completely sucked upwards

Uniform mechanical design

  • Assisted insertion, automatic removal of the cleaning head
  • Fits for barrels from 225 to 600 litres
  • Very compact, foldable for storage
  • Same mechanical components on all models

Flexible system concept

  • Suitable for manual and automated operations
  • Additional functions available
  • Easy increase in production capacity through duplication

Primique neue Fassreinigungsanlage

  • Easy barrel insertion: very small size, rounded contours
  • Gentle cleaning: 2 flat jet nozzles with 5° angle, wood preservation
  • High efficiency: defined 360° guidance for high-pressure jets
  • Different levels of automation
  • Easy adjustment of barrel size (225 – 600 litres)