MOOG Cleaning Systems’ industry solutions open up unlimited possibilities.

Our cleaning systems have a modular design and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. Extensions and extensions are possible in many applications. On request, we can also develop custom-made products to suit your area of application.

Plant engineering

Construcción de instalaciones

Plant engineers integrate MOOG tank cleaners and high pressure systems in up-to-date plant designs.

Construction industry

Baugewerbe mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Building contractors and construction companies use MOOG’s high pressure system with cold/hot water for cleaning building sites and machinery.

Chemical/Pharma/ Cosmetics

Chemie / Pharma / Kosmetik mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry uses MOOG systems to clean their production vessels and storage tanks.

Car repair shops/ Petrol stations

Garagen und Tankstellen mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Repair shop and petrol station operators use MOOG self-service and high pressure systems to offer a thorough and cost effective car wash service.


Landwirtschaft mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Farmers use MOOG high pressure systems with cold and hot water for cleaning their stables, tanks and farming machinery.

Food and Beverages

Nahrungsmittel Herstellung mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Manufacturers of food and beverages use MOOG tank cleaners for a fully automatic cleaning process.


Transport mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Forwarders use MOOG high pressure systems and tank cleaners to clean their vehicles/tanks effectively and efficiently.


Weinbau mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Winemakers use MOOG tank and barrel cleaners for the automatic cleaning and disinfecting of wine barrels and tanks.

Service Public

Service Public mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

MOOG cleaning systems are utilized across the public service sector.

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