Farmers use MOOG high pressure systems with cold and hot water for cleaning their stables, tanks and farming machinery.

Agriculture with MOOG Cleaning Systems

Farm vehicles

Cleaning the exterior of vehicles

Quick, thorough and reliable cleaning of farm vehicles. Low water consumption, savings in personnel costs and cleaning time.


Cleaning of surface areas in the stables

Quick, thorough and reliable cleaning of the stable floors, walls and grids with the automatic metering of the cleaning agent. Low water consumption, savings in cleaning time, chemicals and disposal of waste water.

Excellent results

High pressure cleaning with cold/hot water for thorough cleaning. Even more efficient and time-saving thanks to the Clean-Turbo floor cleaner.

Wise use of resources

Low water consumption, no and/or less need for cleaning chemicals.

High level of reliability

High quality material, robust design and easy maintenance for a reliable operation and long service life.

Infrastructure costs

Quick and straightforward start-up of the high pressure cleaner. Handy and light cleaning lances for maximum user comfort.

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