Car repair shops / Petrol stations

Repair shop and petrol station operators use MOOG self-service and high pressure systems to offer a thorough and cost effective car wash service.

CarWash / Petrol Stations

Car wash station

Self-service car wash

Thorough cleaning with high pressure lances – without brush marks. Complete, cost-effective cleaning with 6 washing programs and a self-explanatory user interface. Systems may be customised to suit the requirements of the operator and location.

Engine wash

Cleaning of the engine compartment

Thorough and quick cleaning of oily dirt using hot water and no chemicals. Stationary or mobile high pressure supply, adjustable to special requirements.

Repair shop

Wet and dry cleaning of work areas

Effective and efficient cleaning results thanks to the durable wet and dry vacuum combination with high collection capacity.

Floor cleaning

Cleaning workshop floors with brushes

Quick and straightforward cleaning of floors with automatic road sweepers that are easy to use and require very little maintenance.

Excellent results

High pressure cleaning with hot water, dosing of chemicals, liquid wax and osmosis for sparkling clean cars. Powerful suction and sweeping machines for thorough cleaning of work shop surfaces

Outstanding for cost-effectiveness

Attractive price-performance ratio and long service life linked with reduced personnel costs.

High level of reliability

Professional components and a robust design for exceptional reliability. Own experienced and fast customer service on site for maintenance and repairs.

Attractive design

The pleasant architecture of the self-service washes with various designs and different features make for a high degree of customer awareness and increased number of users.

self-service car washes

CarWash systems are pioneering in technology and design. With MOOG vehicle washing becomes an experience – and your profit!

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