Construction industry

Building contractors and construction companies use MOOG’s high pressure system with cold/hot water for cleaning building sites and machinery.

Baugewerbe mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Building machinery

Cleaning the exterior of building machinery

Thorough and quick cleaning on site. Low water consumption, savings in personnel costs and cleaning time.

Cement mixer

Internal cleaning of concrete mixers

Thorough, quick and automatic cleaning of stationary mixers. Guaranteed product quality and longer, trouble-free service life of mixer. Lower water consumption and savings in the disposal of waste water.

Building sites

Cleaning of building sites

Thorough and quick wet and dry cleaning. High level of reliability and long service life of equipment, even under demanding and difficult operating conditions.


Interior cleaning of pipes and cavities

Rotating high pressure mini-nozzle for powerful and gentle cleaning of pipelines.

High level of reliability

Professional components and a robust design for exceptional reliability under harsh operating conditions.

Outstanding cost-effectiveness

Savings in personnel cost, time and water consumption.

Service on site

Own experienced and fast customer service on site for maintenance and repairs.

Extensive product range

A selection of mobile high pressure equipment with hot or cold water, electric drive or with a petrol engine. Special products for interior cleaning of tanks and pipes with high pressure.

Excellent results

Thorough cleaning, even of heavily soiled or contaminated surfaces using high pressure and hot water.

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