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MOOG cleaning systems are utilized across the public service sector. Thanks to individualized solutions, we can cover needs in public transportation, road constructions, healthcare, education, waste management, public swimming pools and more.

Service Public mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Fire Department

Suctioning excess water after extinguishing a fire or following a flood

These compact, robust devices have a high suctioning power, stainless steel pump and hose connection.

Exterior cleaning of vehicles and equipment after use

Thorough and fast exterior cleaning of the vehicle, low manpower and resource requirements (water, cleaning chemicals).

Wastewater Treatment

High-pressure cleaning of treatment systems (sifters, rakes etc.)

Thoroughly clean all system components using hot water and high pressure. Choose from stationary or movable devices.

Interior pipe cleaning

Reliable cleaning solutions for the interior of pipes to remove blockages.


Cleaning the interior of recycling and waste containers

Quickly and thoroughly clean empty waste containers to avoid unpleasant smells.

Community and Road Maintenance Depots

Clean vehicle exteriors after use

Thoroughly and efficiently clean the exterior of vehicles without high personnel and resource costs (water, cleaning agent).

High-pressure cleaning of traffic areas and public fountains

Mobile and high-performing high-pressure devices such as surface cleaners allow for effective and efficient cleaning.

Graffiti removal

Quickly and thoroughly remove graffiti without the use of harsh chemicals.

Street Inspectorate

High-pressure cleaning of traffic signs, manholes, traffic lights

with mobile, high-performing devices that allow for effective and quick cleaning.

Hospitals / Nursing Homes

Clean and disinfect gastronomy trolleys

Programed settings allow for the simple selection of different cleaning tasks, including disinfection.


Clean the exterior of vehicles, buildings and equipment

Quickly and thoroughly clean without wasting resources (water, cleaning agent).

Cleaning protective gear

Special systems designed for the hygienically cleaning and disinfecting protective gear.

School Buildings

Clean building exteriors and facilities

Mobile, high-performing high-pressure devices and surface cleaners allow for an effective and quick clean.

Indoor and Outdoor Public Swimming Pools

Pool cleaning

High-pressure installation with on-site tap and special hoses for a thorough and streak-free clean.

Cleaning of outdoor facilities

Mobile, high-performing high-pressure devices and surface cleaners allow for an effective and quick clean.

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