Winemakers use MOOG tank and barrel cleaners for the automatic cleaning and disinfecting of wine barrels and tanks.

Weinbau mit MOOG Cleaning Systems

Wine barrel

Interior cleaning and sterilisation of wine barrels

Automatic, rapid, thorough and reliable cleaning and sterilisation of wine barrels with a 225 to 600 litre capacity. Low water consumption, savings in personnel costs and cleaning time.

Wine tanks

Interior cleaning of wine tanks

Automatic, rapid, thorough and reliable cleaning of wine tanks. Low water consumption, without the use of chemicals, savings in personnel costs, cleaning time, chemicals and disposal of waste water.


Cleaning of floors in the wine cellars

Thorough, reliable and even cleaning of floors in the wine cellar – without splashes of water.

Excellent results

High pressure cleaning with cold/hot water for thorough cleaning. Consistent results thanks to the beam guidance of the jet spray.

Outstanding for cost-effectiveness

Savings in personnel cost, cleaning time and consumtion / disposal of water.

High level of reliability

High quality material, robust design, precision manufacture and easy maintenance for a reliable operation and long service life.

Wise use of resources

Low water consumption, no need for cleaning chemicals.

Occupational safety / Ergonomics

Automation avoids climbing into tanks. Improved ergonomics for employees. High degree of safety for employees thanks to the cleaning process without the use of chemicals.

Infrastructure costs

No necessity to move barrels. Thanks to the integrated extraction unit for the dirt water in the barrel, the inside of the barrels can be cleaned directly in the wine cellar.

Dominik Missikiewitsch, Markus Schneider GbR

«By converting to the BRM barrel cleaner, we have increased the speed of the work for the barrel cleaner by almost 10 times. In addition, the quality of the cleaning is much improved.
Previously, all of the barrels had to be lifted from the rack at great expense and then cleaned by hand. This was an enormous physical  challenge for the person doing the cleaning when there were a large number of barrels requiring this work. This is now a thing of the past.»

Dominik Missikiewitsch, Markus Schneider GbR

Thomas Engel, Leiter Produktion Siebe Dupf Kellerei

«Siebe Dupf Winery needs a perfect solution for barrel cleaning as well as high-pressure supply in the cellar. The combination of BRA Standard and Sync is perfectly covering our technical and economic needs.»

Thomas Engel, head of production Siebe Dupf Winery

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