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Barrel cleaning systems

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Barrel cleaning systems by MOOG for a gentle cleaning of your wine barrels. Go for the best cleaners on the market – your barrels deserve it!

High-Pressure Tank cleaners

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Three-dimensional rotating spray heads:
The most efficient, effective and economical internal cleaning of all types of containers.


What our customers worldwide say about our products

«By converting to the BRM barrel cleaner, we have increased the speed of the work for the barrel cleaner by almost 10 times. In addition, the quality of the cleaning is much improved. Previously, all of the barrels had to be lifted from the rack at great expense and then cleaned by hand. This was an enormous physical challenge for the person doing the cleaning when there were a large number of barrels requiring this work. This is now a thing of the past.»


Dominik Missikiewitsch, Markus Schneider GbR

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What our customers worldwide say about our products

«Siebe Dupf Winery needs a perfect solution for barrel cleaning as well as high-pressure supply in the cellar. The combination of BRA Standard and Sync is perfectly covering our technical and economic needs.»


Thomas Engel, head of production Siebe Dupf Winery

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What our customers worldwide say about our products

«Our new cleaning system saves time and money directly. The design and installation of the system was easy and problem-free thanks to the expert advice from the MOOG employees.»


Hanspeter Heiniger, Facilities Head at the Weyermannshaus open-air and indoor swimming pool

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What our customers worldwide say about our products

«In addition to the improved efficiency, this system offers drastic improvements regarding the ergonomics of the containers as well as fulfilling the latest safety requirements. Our employees find it easy to use and it does away with all the previously laborious and dirty work.»


Peter Tschanz, Head of Vehicle Services BLS

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Solutions for your industry

Plant engineering & manufacturing
Construction industry
Chemical/Pharma/ Cosmetics
Food and Beverages

Chemical/Pharma/ Cosmetics

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry uses MOOG systems to clean their production vessels and storage tanks.


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Professional customer service

Our experienced consultants at our headquarters in Switzerland are in direct, close contact with our engineers, technicians and production specialists. This ensures a very high level of expertise in our consultation services.

Quick repair service

We will carry out any repair work in Switzerland, and our overseas customers will be assisted by one of our professional partners in their area. This ensures that the equipment is ready for use quickly after being serviced.

  • Worldwide, knowledgeable local partner
  • Quick and professional help

Spare parts

Our extensive stock of spare parts means very quick delivery and repair times.

Worldwide dealer network

Our products are used worldwide in over 50 countries.
We will be happy to locate a MOOG dealer near you.

Our own development department

We have an efficient development team dedicated to product development and customised systems. This allows us to respond to your individual needs very quickly and flexibly.

We work with cutting edge tools. You can rely on the expertise of our specialists from the first draft in CAD, the industrial production on our CNC units, right up to the finished product.

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